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Startups Support

We think outside the box

Standard software brings very good results both in terms of functioning and development of the company. We could stop there, but this is not the end result we want to achieve. The entrepreneurial nature of our team moves us to go beyond that and create tech startups.

The purpose of creating our projects is to facilitate various types of technological processes, as well as to make them easier to understand for each user. Thanks to this, our startups are aimed at a wide audience, constituting projects that meet their needs.

What distinguishes our startups

The startups we create go through a series of tests. If necessary, we make changes and improvements to them. Thanks to that the final product meets the expectations of a very large group of users.

Each of the startups is tailored to the individual needs of various types of customers - from less experienced Internet users to web developers.


  • MVP development - A product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development

  • Custom frameworks - Reusable tools for developers and product managers

  • Low-cost and agile development - Iterative and incremental development, flexible response to changes

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