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Plastic Surgery Clinic

System for a Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic


Our company undertook the creation of a comprehensive system for a prestigious plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic that aims to increase its competitiveness in the market by optimizing both clinic management and patient experience. The clinic decided on tailor-made software to meet its individual needs and future development.



The application was built using the PHP language and the main Laravel and Vue.js frameworks, which allowed for fast and efficient creation of a modern interface and functionality.


The MySQL database was placed in a cloud architecture, ensuring high availability, performance, and flexibility. This service is provided by one of the large data centers in Europe, where the application is hosted on VPS servers.


The servers run on the Ubuntu LTS operating system, guaranteeing long-term support and stability. To ensure optimal performance and security, solutions such as NGINX (as a web server and reverse proxy), PHP-FPM (for script handling), and UFW and Fail2Ban (as a firewall layer) were applied.


All servers were configured from scratch by our team, allowing for precise adjustment of settings to the project's needs. Additionally, we use multiple VPS servers for various purposes, such as development (developer), testing (test), and deployment (production), which allows for efficient and secure implementation of subsequent project stages.


System Components

The system consists of numerous modules and functionalities that support both the work of the clinic staff and the patient experience. Here are some of the key components of the system:


  1. Administration: This module enables managing users and permissions, document templates, and facility data, such as services, contractors, or products.

  2. Documents: Includes a tool for collecting and sharing contracts and corporate documents, making it easier to manage and control the clinic's documentation.

  3. Finances: Covers the management of cost and revenue databases, cash handling, and clinic finance management.

  4. Cabinet: Allows managing visits and operations, integrating with the e-health system, and sending SMS and email notifications to patients.

  5. Staff: Enables managing clinic employees and automatically calculating salaries.

  6. Calendar: Facilitates managing work schedules and appointments, scheduling visits, and planning operations. Integrated with, online platform that helps patients find and book appointments with medical professionals in various specialties.

  7. Warehouse: A fully functional WMS system with automatic unit conversion and supply process support.

  8. Patient: Responsible for managing the clinic's patient database, allowing for better understanding and meeting patient needs.

  9. Reports: Enables generating financial reports and forecasts that support effective clinic business and financial management.


Additionally, the system is continuously being developed with new features to better meet customer expectations and adapt to changing market needs.



Thanks to close cooperation with the clinic and the use of agile design methods, a system tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the clinic was created. This software has contributed to increased work efficiency, cost savings, and improved communication with patients. As a result, the clinic gained a competitive advantage in the market and the possibility of further development. Our solution brought a range of benefits to the clinic, including:


  • Cost optimization related to ordering medicines and medical tools with limited expiration dates.

  • Improving the schedule of visits and operations, and integration with the e-health system (P1) and

  • Streamlining financial management and creating charts and reports facilitating budget control.

  • Integration with an SMS system to notify patients about appointments and with a VoIP system to improve telephone call handling.

  • Creating a user-friendly and transparent user interface that makes using the system easier.



As the clinic continues to grow, our software will allow for easy implementation of new features and adaptation of the system to changing needs and requirements.

In the future, we plan to further expand the system, including:


  • Extending the functionality of the reports module to provide even more information to enable more effective management of the clinic's business and finances.

  • Integration with additional external systems, such as payment systems or other online health platforms, to further facilitate communication with patients and clinic management.

  • Using artificial intelligence technology to analyze data and forecast trends, allowing the clinic to better plan its activities and adapt to changing market conditions.



Our company successfully implemented a modern system for a plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic, contributing to improved clinic management, cost optimization, increased market competitiveness, and patient satisfaction. Cooperation with the clinic and the use of agile design methods allowed for the creation of a personalized solution that will serve the clinic for many years and enable further growth. We are proud of this achievement and open to new challenges and cooperation with the medical industry.

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