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Marketing Master

Tracking and analysis of marketing activities.

About the solution

Marketing Master Software is an analytical system that integrates marketing data with telecommunications data, using call tracking technology. This enables precise

contact between the customer and the brand, including phone calls and sources of acquiring new customers in online and offline channels. The product is dedicated to companies for whom tracking marketing activities and controlling customer service quality is important. The system allows for measuring conversions from ads to phone calls, optimizing marketing costs through analysis of marketing activities, focusing on customer satisfaction, as well as company development and increased competitiveness. The solution is distributed in the SaaS model.



The product was created in collaboration with TUF Software S.A. TUF Software is part of the TUF Group and was created through the transformation of the IT department, which for several years has been creating innovative software for companies in the group as well as external clients. From the experience gained from these projects, a cohesive team of specialists was formed who decided to specialize in the development of business tools that support companies in improving sales processes and marketing communication.



The offered solution finds application in industries where phone calls are an important way of contacting customers, mainly in the medical, hotel, real estate, automotive, financial and insurance, as well as e-commerce industries.


Business Goals

The main business goals of Marketing Master Software are:

  • Customer service quality control through analysis of recorded calls, resulting in better customer relations

  • Optimization of marketing costs through analysis of data provided by the system

  • Additional place of measurement of conversions from online ads

  • Possibility of measuring offline ads, e.g. in newspapers, radio, TV, flyers, thanks to dedicated phone numbers


Components of the System / Functionalities

Marketing Master Software has a range of functionalities, the main ones are:

  • Dedicated access levels for Administrator, User, and Agency Manager, enabling precise management of permissions

  • Possibility of independent service configuration by the user

  • Online reports configured by the user and system reports and notifications sent via SMS or email

  • Integration with the client's CRM system, e.g. sending events such as phone calls

  • Integration with Google Analytics

  • Automatic charging for the selected plan

  • Listening to recordings and rating of calls

  • Generating reports and charts



In the era of rapidly developing technologies and growing competition in the market, proper selection of tools and technologies is crucial for the success of any business. Marketing Master Software, as a modern solution for marketing activities analysis, uses advanced technologies that guarantee not only reliability but also scalability and efficiency:

  • Programming languages: Java, Python, and JavaScript

  • Database: MySQL - a proven solution guaranteeing the durability and performance of data storage

  • Telephone exchange: FreePBX - an open-source telephone exchange that allows for easy call management

  • Web application: Angular - a modern framework for creating web applications that facilitates creating a user-friendly interface

  • Cloud-based infrastructure - ensures scalability and data security



One of the main challenges during the creation of Marketing Master Software was managing the telephone exchange. This required acquiring knowledge about managing the exchange and selecting the appropriate software.


Another important challenge was to ensure integration with Google Analytics and the client's CRM system. This required creating an API for exchanging data between the system and other tools, which was time-consuming and required great precision in operation.


The last challenge was to create a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and allows convenient service configuration by the client. This required designing clear views and appropriate data structure, which also required the involvement of user interface design specialists. Good UX is crucial for the success of any web-based application product.



We encourage you to visit the product page to learn about the capabilities of the solution.

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