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Insurance Agency

System for insurance department in a Leasing Company


Our client was an insurance agency operating within a leasing company, dealing with comprehensive insurance services. They entered the Polish market 15 years ago, using dedicated software that eventually became outdated.



The client decided to create a custom-tailored system, taking into account their experience with other software. The main business goals included advanced analytics, implementation of the Data-Driven Decision Model (DDM), flexibility, adaptability to change, and the ability to configure processes without modifying source code, as well as the ability to handle all types of insurance along with all required processes.



The design process was carried out jointly with agents, brokers, and the company owner. This allowed us to gain insight into the most important goals and assumptions of the agency. Our insurance knowledge and the information obtained during the design process translated into accelerating the design and implementation of many system components. Another factor that significantly accelerated the project execution was the trust and conviction our client had in our abilities. Thanks to this, we had a great deal of freedom in making design decisions and saved a lot of time. The key factor was time, so we decided to adopt a flexible approach to the project and prioritize the most critical modules. This eliminated all difficulties associated with using the existing system.



To create a modern and efficient system for the insurance agency, we used advanced technologies that met the client's requirements and achieved business goals. Our approach to technology was crucial to the project's success. Below are the details regarding the technologies used:


  • Programming languages: PHP

  • Database: MySQL – a proven solution ensuring durability and data storage performance

  • Infrastructure – due to the specificity of data stored on servers (financial, sensitive), our client wanted them to be stored and processed "on-site". Therefore, the application we created was maintained on servers configured and managed 100% by our company throughout the design process. The client benefited from our assistance in selecting physical machines and their configuration and installation.

  • Since the data model of insurance and the relationships between them are very complex, we decided to create a dedicated ORM library for the project.


System components

The completed project is characterized by an innovative approach and a great ability to make changes without modifying the source code. We achieved software that includes the following functionalities:


  • Calculators for all types of insurance

  • Comprehensive generation of insurance documents (policies, applications, declarations) based on templates provided by insurance companies

  • A mobile app for inspections, significantly speeding up the insurance conclusion process

  • Claim handling

  • Document circulation (automatic document delivery to the client, handling terminations, terms and conditions, product card, insurance document generation)

  • Planning and managing the negotiation budget

  • Work time reporting

  • Automatic task assignment to employees

  • Verification of policies provided by the client - comparison of scope, registration, continuity control.


Machine learning

In our projects, we always analyze optimization possibilities. For this client, we proposed an analysis of processes in terms of data usage and AI-based solutions implementation for optimization. The analysis showed many optimization possibilities, but we focused on two potentially most profitable: segmentation of clients who might cancel insurance during the buyout period, and recommending additional insurance where the model indicated a high chance of proposal acceptance. Implementing these solutions increased the efficiency and profitability of offered insurance services.



Our comprehensive approach resulted in the creation of flexible software. During the design and implementation of the project, we eliminated all obstacles and applied the most modern methods and highest security standards. As a result, a tailor-made system was created that meets all the client's expectations and requirements. Moreover, thanks to the use of AI and ML, the software will continue to develop without our involvement, providing better and better results.

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